Mahendra Singh Dhoni Fansite

About the fansite

Site designed and maintained by: Naif
Date the site made its presence felt: 15th November, 2005

This site started back when Dhoni had just started his international career. Things have changed quite a lot now. Dhoni has established a permanent place for himself in the Indian team. We can without a doubt say he is the next Sachin Tendulkar of Indian cricket. This site was previously but now it has become

In the beginning the number of unique visitors this site got ranged from 5 to 10 on a daily basis. Where as now the number has shot up to around 300 to 350. The dramatic increase in the number of hits clearly shows his popularity.

As the maintainer/webmaster, I can proudly say that this site has become the de facto place for discussions pertaining to Mahendra Singh Dhoni. But this couldnt have been made possible without the fan support this site has gotten.

The aim of this site was simple which was to set up the biggest fan group for him. Thanks to all the Dhoni fans, this aim has been fulfilled. I will be continuing to provide as much as information as there is to Dhoni and hope that you enjoy your ride on the Dhoni Xpress!

If there’s a way you can contribute to this site, please do so by contacting me on my ever friendly email address which is prince_of_nights [at the rate of]

PS: I am not MS Dhoni!