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Bishnoi Sabha wants Dhoni’s removal from Indian cricket team

The Akhil Bhartiya Jeev Raksha Bishnoi Sabha on Wednesday demanded immediate ouster of One-day and Twenty20 captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni for sacrificing an animal.

Abjrbs District President Raj Kumar Beniwal appealed to BCCI President Sharad Pawar to remove Dhoni from the Indian team with immediate effect and warned if the Jharkhand player was not shown the door, the Bishnoi Sabha would drag the cricketer to a court of law.

“He committed a sin by sacrificing a lamb after fulfillment of his vow,” Beniwal said.

He claimed the Bishnois could go to any extent for saving trees and animal life anywhere in the country.

He asserted that it was at the behest of Bishnois only that actor Salman Khan had to go behind bars for killing a black buck.

2 Responses to “Bishnoi Sabha wants Dhoni’s removal from Indian cricket team”

  1. dinesh Says:

    Kick the beniwal and put him in jail for this absurd act. Lamb is not a protected Animal and other people who eat meat have right to do so.

  2. Sabharwal Says:

    Beniwal and bishnoi sabha is crossing limits. They should be banned. Meat eaters have right to eat meat. As long as they do not kill protected animals they are fine. Beniwal needs to see mental doctor.

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