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Dhoni, the new Midas of Indian cricket

Call it a co-incidence or sheer luck, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has always been at the right place on the right time.

His inimitable coiffure became a cynosure of world leaders. Every inch of his tresses made front page news. He stood by his selected few and brought world to his feet. He gave the small town cricketers a chance to move forward.

He led with the ebullience of King Leonidas of Sparta. Call him the man in love with mean machines. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is by all means the new cricketing blockbuster.

Everyone knows where cricket in India was headed after the Men in Blue stumbled upon the Caribbean hurdle. Indian cricket had hit its lowest point. The coach refused to prolong his stint.

Rahul Dravid tendered his resignation on personal grounds. Tendulkar was offered the captaincy, but he rejected it. No one was ready to take on the gauntlet. The man of the moment or call it a guinea pig then was to be Dhoni, who by default got his hands on the hot seat as he was elevated to vice-captaincy just before the English and Irish tour.

Apparently, it was Sachin who recommended Dhoni’s name. But none other than Dhoni deserved this post for the way he has come up the ranks. His strong rooting to reality and a humble background pushed his case above the glamorous but out-of-form then Yuvraj Singh.

With no godfather, Dhoni’s throne is purely built on raw talent and his ability to treat the game like a game and not a religion. You can call this a stroke of luck that he got the job of a deputy skipper for ODI’s for the first time and was elevated to leader of the pack in no time at all.

15 Responses to “Dhoni, the new Midas of Indian cricket”

  1. ashu Says:

    dhoni is a born leader n leads frm the front. his quality of humbleness n selflessness inspite of so much of fame makes him a gud human being also.dhoni was never given a chance to lead but when given grabbed it with both hands n because of these qualities he distinguishes himself from others n makes him the youth icon.


    Really “MAHI” is the new MIDAS of Indian Cricket. He touched “Team India” with his golden hands and whole team turned into Golden Team after winning T20 WC and CB Series.

  3. August Says:

    Do not praise yourself going into battle; praise yourself coming out of battle,

  4. Rishi Says:

    Dhoni is acctually one man army i was very much assured that he will hit the indian team like a storm because i have seen him playing ranchi even i played with him also when he was not in the Indian team i was always talking with my frens in delhi that why the hell selectors are not taking dhoni as he is a master batsman and a gilchrist calibered keeper. but they have taken him he made the world feel MAHI VE.

  5. sujitha Says:

    dhoni have the full rigths for all the credits given to him .the first match in which i saw him told me the leaps and bounds he is going to reach .iam so happy to know all about him.hats off to MAHI……

  6. nagarajan Says:

    very good exp

  7. saumyasinghdhoni Says:

    he is d worldbest captain i hve ever seen also a gd player and also a gd nature

  8. saumyasinghdhoni Says:

    i wish u that won all matches against srilanka and say hi 2 all ur frnds

  9. zoha ali Says:

    hie mahi! get wel soon !! tke cre………………

  10. zoha ali Says:

    hie mahi….. bst of luck 4 d upcomin T2o series!! hpin tht d trophy wud b in ur handzz……!!

  11. Deepthy Says:

    Best wishes for your coming matches in IPL T20.CHENNAI SUPERKINGS will rock again this time.

  12. zoha ali Says:

    hie ! congrats to mahi 4 bein honurd wid Padma shri award.!!but to b frant i dint lyk mahi’s ill response to it.! bein d captain of d team, attendin to it shud hav been his priority! its a sincere plea tht he shud show respect 4 such exaltedness……..!!

  13. Deepthy Says:

    mahi, Iam really sad hearing the case filed against you for skipping the padmashri award ceremony.

  14. keethi Says:

    dhoni you are good captain for INDIA I like our country so much I hope you achieve FOR INDIAN TEAM AND for OUR country .take careof and be confient always and all the best

  15. Ramesh Raj Says:

    I would like to wish u a very and great CONGRATULATIONS for being a Captain India and CSK too. keep it up and go further with a great Achievements. Thank U… All D Best MAHiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!

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