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Dhoni warns team against complacency in Lee’s absence

The Australians may have decided to rest their pace spearhead Brett Lee but Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni on Saturday cautioned his batsmen against getting too complacent in their tri-series game.

“(Brett) Lee, of course, has been a top performer for them and has been in top form but it depends on how the bowler who replaces him perform. We wouldn’t be taking our sights off them,” Dhoni told reporters at the pre-match press conference.

Dhoni also stoutly defended the beleaguered Yuvraj Singh, saying he still had a lot of confidence in him and that he could play a key role in the middle order.

“He (Yuvraj) has been a key performer for us and personally I would like to see him bat in the middle overs,” Dhoni said.

“A lot has been said about good starts and how the finish should be provided in the final overs but for me, the key is how you bat in the middle overs and set up the game between 20th and 39th over.

“Middle overs are the key and only key batsmen should bat in this phase. Yuvraj is thus a key to guide the team in the middle overs,” he said.

Dhoni also backed his young side to reach the finals and said if so happened it would vindicate his views on matters of team selection.

“It would be good if we were to reach the finals… a lot was said about this young team… the youngsters, from the first Twenty20 game, they have shown they are willing to learn and adapt and as long as they put in their best it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose,” he said.

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