Events Advice

Attending an event in modern times is fun as with the help of a mobile app you can get notified and informed about all the activities going on around you (sportog moro). The presence of an app discards the importance of physical help desk which previously was the sole avenue of assistance for event attendees. As you read the following section of the article you will have a clear picture of why a mobile app for events is considered uber important in modern times.

Social Engagement

An enterprise event app allows attendees to socialize on the interface. It offers a social wall where pictures and videos and even posts can be uploaded for viewing and sharing. This creates more engagement among event goers ( Other can see, like, share and even comment on your posts and you can do the same on others feeds.

App-based Q&A

Previously there used to be a situation that during a seminar if someone had to ask anything to the speaker or get his doubt cleared, he would perhaps raise his hand for the microphone. Or he might just ask it out of turn which might lead to the breakage of the speaker’s concentration.

Now mobile app for events has come up with an amazing solution for this. It has designed the interface in such a manner where you can directly post your questions without involving anyone. It’s not just you but anyone attending the same event and is using the app can post their questions and doubts while the seminar is going on.

This feature of the app saves time as multiple people can submit their question and queries at the same time and no one needs to be vocal about it. The questions can be framed in a better way as one gets ample time to think. Last but not the least; the situation doesn’t require the passing around of the microphone to attendees who are seated at different corners of the seminar hall.

The speakers also have access to the app and they can see the questions and queries flowing in ( Once he is done with his speech and presentation, he takes time off to answer them one by one.

Real-Time Polling

Mobile app for events offers live polling session while a particular program is going on. This is done to get the general pulse of the attendees over a particular agenda. The mood of the ongoing event can be sketched out from this. On the contrary, attendees also feel that by polling that they have contributed something in the event by sharing their piece of mind. This boosts engagement between the attendees and the host.


As event apps are all about customization, you can actually set personalized alerts for a certain workshop or seminar which you want to attend. You might not feel interested in visits each of the corners of the event which is taking place might choose to hit the zones which interest you. The app will give you alerts for particularly those programs only which you have planned to visit. You just need to set the alerts beforehand.